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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So pleased that Olivia still believes in Santa ... and Erick the Elf (Elf on the Shelf) for that matter.  Nothing will persuade her otherwise at this point - even when we are watching a show/movie that may reference Santa as a fictional character or not real ... she will argue with the TV, adamantly declaring that he is indeed for real!

On the Elf matter she truly believes he is magical and comes to live at night to report her behavior at the North Pole.  In fact, she told me today, "Mom, Erick is not like a plastic bag or something, he is MAGIC".  Not sure where the plastic bag reference came from - but it was hilarious the way she declared it with the utmost confidence!

Love love love that my baby still believes!  I hope, in some way, she always does!  :-)

_MG_4168 copy

Her letter to Santa .. this year, drums have remained on the top of her list!

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