Happy Birthday Rosie!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 19th, Rosie turned 3 years old!  Yeah ... I have been waiting for this birthday because someone told me when she was a puppy that about 3 years old is when Golden's come out of their 'puppy' years and start to calm down and can be 'trusted' more.  They were right, just recently we have been able to leave Rosie out of her crate at night and also be home alone almost all day and when we return everything is in perfect condition :-) ... this makes me immensely happy.  The prediction of her breeder of 'that puppy is going to be a coach potatoe' ... is slowly coming true!  LOL  

_MG_4647 copy

_MG_4659 copy

I have no pictures of Rosie actually eating that cake because she wolfed it down so fast - I couldn't even release the shutter button before it was completely devoured in one big gulp!  She was a very happy puppy that night!!

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