I Heart Faces - Pet Photo Challenge

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It started early, when Rosie was just a puppy, everywhere we would go ....  Oh the attention she would get!  We called her our "Rock Star" and boy did she lap up the attention everywhere she went.  We also call her Olivia's "Friend Facilitator" ... being an only child, it's sometimes hard to join a group of already playing children ... but when you have the advantage of having a dog with you ... and a lovable, soft, furry, kisses up and down Golden Retriever - well that takes the cake and you are one popular kid!  We love our little Rosie .... and it seems as though all who come into contact with this lovable fur ball, falls in love with her too!
I thought this picture shows Rosie's personality through and through!



Robin said...

Oh I love this shot, he looks so happy!

Julie Helmick said...

Oh, what a sweet face! You can see her kind spirit shining through.

Ciara L said...

Some dogs have clearly figured out how to smile and this is one...no kidding she is a star, her joy is infectious :)

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