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Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 04 15

So after a whole year of waiting ... We have finally landed in Greece. Remember what happened to us last year  (Iceland Volcano!!)) ... We ended up going to Costa Rica but we knew this time next year we would attempt Greece again. So here we are, Icelandic Volcano be damned!

Our flight was long!!! We remembered that we haven't been on an cross-Atlantic flight in over 7 years ... Since Olivia was born and either we got bigger or those seats got smaller. I suspect a little of both. Our flight to Amsterdam was uneventful and we tried our best to sleep in the flight. I was cracking up at Dan as he attempted every position to induce sleep comfort in the history of sleeping on an airplane ... finally the guy fell asleep. We had a 4-hour lay over in Amsterdam and then it was off to Athens! We left at 6pm on Friday in the USA and arrived in Greece at 4pm on Saturday. Can you say long day ... but we made it!!

Our travel agent arranged voucher to our hotel so that was nice that we didn't have to worry about that. All and all the whole flight was easy peesie and uneventful.  Exactly the way international flights should be!

Once we got to the hotel we resisted the urge to fall dead asleep ... so we got ourselves together and walked around Athens. A very clean and fun city. We saw the Parthenon high on the hill and walked around the cute little winding streets of Plaka below.  Lots of shops and restaurants ... and ancient looking walls stones streets abound.  Love that kind of atmosphere!! It started to drizzle a little so we walked back to our hotel in time to meet our travel guide who took us through what to expect the next few days in Athens and then on our cruise.

_MG_6893 copy

Edited Greece

Afterwards after an almost a complete pass out in the bed we got up again and went out in search of a perfect place to eat our first Greek meal. We found a lovely place and sat on a velvet couch inside a warm and cozy place drinking wine and eating amazing feta cheese and Greek specialties. Topped off with a contemporary desert wine ... We were about to bust out of our knickers by then!

2011 04 161

We decided not to get dessert there but check out another restaurant for coffee and what else, Baklava! We walked around enjoying the evening and finally decides to bring the sweets back to our room instead. We found a wonderful bakery complete with a little old Greek lady behind the counter who let us sample everything - we were stuffed before we even made our selections!  Oh the honey induced coma we were about to partake in.  We bought a bite of each and currently as I write this we are noshing on that honey goodness and not caring about those calories one bit!  There is a time and place to watch what you eat but it's sure not in Athens Greece!

2011 04 16

Now it's time to catch up on our jet lag!  Night!

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