March Madness Meet

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Olivia's Third Meet, March Madness in Chantilly. She continues to improve as she gets more and more practice at competition. She did her floor routine for the first time (minus the back handscrpring - still working on that) and she did awesome! She also metaled in bars for the first time! It was very funny because we all weren't expecting her to medal (we're just not there yet ) and all of a sudden we heard her name for 8th place .... we had to yell to get her attention to go up there - she had no clue. I didn't even get a decent picture because I had my camera away at that point - not thinking I would need it anymore! She was so proud of herself and it helped ease the disappointment that she didn't qualify for sectionals at this meet. Although we weren't expecting her too since she started competing later in the season - she didn't even get a chance to have all her cumulative scores like the other girls did. Coach Brian thinks she maybe able to get her qualified at this next meet ... fingers crossed!!

I also need to invest in a nice zoom lens if I have any chance of taking decent pictures of this child at indoor gymnastics meets!!!  Thinking abou this one

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