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Thursday, December 30, 2010

While Dan and I were driving back from North Carolina after Thanksgiving, we were listening to this song by Rob Thomas.  Anyway, during the song, Dan turned off the radio and talked to me about how the lyrics to the song resonated with him.  He tends to think if he can just get through this, then he'll be happy ... or after he gets done with that, than all be well.  He realizes there always will be one more thing to get through - that is what life is all about and you can't wish your life away ... the journey is your life, not the destination.  Life is made in the small moments, the small fleeting minutes and hours on the you better keep your eyes wide open and appreciate the ticking hands on the clock before they stop! 

Since he seemed to need a reminder of this, I bought him this cuff for Christmas ... he loved it!

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