Rosie is 2!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yes, we are the kind of people who have birthday parties for their pets!  Actually, we almost forgot - well actually I did forget until the morning of her birthday Dan informed me that on his calendar it said that it was Rosie's birthday today!  Luckily, the girls were coming over the next day with the kids so I thought well have a birthday party for Rosie!  Rosie invited the same friends over for her 1 year birthday party, so it was perfect!  As you can see from her face, she thoroughly enjoyed all the attention!!   Okay, I've been waiting for the 2 year old mark because I hear that they start to calm down a bit at this age....I'm hoping couch potato mode will set in fast!  Oh yes, you are seeing the picture right, Dan holds Rosie like a baby and she adores it .... this former cats only man has certainly turned into a dog's best friend kind of guy!

IMG_3807 copy copy

2010 12 20

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