Woke up at 4:30am and dragged my body into the gym for spin class.  It's been over a week since I did my usual morning routine and it felt great (after the initial shock of having to get out of my warm cozy bed)!  I just need to remember the feeling afterwards is so worth the awful feeling of getting up at first!  I continue to hear so many benefits about waking up early - it's your most 'spiritual' time, a time that you are most connected.  Also, there are so many benefits of exercising in the morning.  Our spin instructor at one point said that he's so happy to see 'his' morning people .... we are putting US first before everyone takes a piece of us throughout the day.  It's so true ... if I don't exercise in the morning, by the time I have some free time in the evening to do it I'm just WAY to exhausted and it just doesn't happen. 

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