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Olivia informed me this evening, after she was upset with me, that she wants new parents and that we obviously don't love her and we want a new child! Wow - that took me back to 1978 when I remember having the same exact sassy moment with my mom. As I sat there listening to her rant and rave about the injustices in her little world I could barely contain a smile that wanted to come to my face ... full circle, pay back, what comes around goes around - whatever you want to call it has arrived kicking and screaming into my world.  I wish I could remember how my mom responded to me when I was only 7 and not understanding why I said the things I said, but couldn't seem to help it.  Well, I'm thankful my  mom is still with me as I deal with this little mini-me ... mom, expect a phone call!   

As I write this, Olivia is in the corner of the office writing a very secretive note, far as I can tell.  It's either a note of apology or a note of more things she doesn't mean, but it's just her way to get her anger out ... I understand that because that's just like ME!

Update - well the note was all about how her parents don't love her anymore and she's going to run away.  She didn't give it to me though.  As she sat there on the bed holding this note, I told her when I was a little girl I used to write down all my angry thoughts on paper and then would throw it away so I didn't hurt anyone's feelings...but I still got my angry feelings out.  Then I turned back to the computer and watched her as she crumpled up her note and threw it in the trash can.  I couldnt' resist pulling it out to save that note, to pull it out and show her when she has a 7 year old of her own! 

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