Dan really wanted me to see his new office and spend time with him while he set up his computer on Saturday.  Olivia was at gymnastics, so we had some free time.  It was nice just chilling with him for a few hours - it was like an afternoon date.  I kept thinking I should be home running errands or doing laundry ... being productive, but I forced myself to chill out and do a more important thing....connect with my husband.  Afterwards, we went to the mall ... just walked around hand in hand.  I can't even remember the last time I went to the mall with him with no particular agenda.  Again, I had to force back that gnawing feeling about needing to be productive and mark something off my list while I was there.  I really just need to learn to relax, enjoy the moment - I don't always need to be accomplishing something to feel like I didn't 'waste' a day.  It was exactly what Dan and I needed ... a little non-hurried, no-agenda time together...it set the tone for the whole weekend and we are better for it.  So I guess in the 'what's really important book' I did accomplish A LOT that day!

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