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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I just love our church!  Our paster is down to earth and never fails to deliver an inspirational and motivating sermon with a 'down-to-earth' style every Sunday.  I'm going to try to summarize the lessons on my blog every Sunday going forward.

This month we started a new session called, "Becoming Christ-Centered".  He explained that there are 6 "Highly Effective Principles" of Christ-Centered people:

1. Biblical Understanding
2. Relationships
3. Corporate Worship
4. Service - Local/Global Outreach
5. Spiritual Disciplines
6. Life Storms

This Sunday, we learned about Biblical Understanding.  Basically he encouraged us all to know and learn the "word of God".  He related this to our goals of eating healthy, being physically fit...he acknowledged that these are all lofty goals but sometimes so hard to do.  We know we should do them - but sometimes we just don't feel like doing it.  But we know that after we do these things we always feel better.  This was compared to reading and understanding the Bible - that oftentimes, we are 'too' busy to read it - but it's only after we do it we will know and feel God's blessings.  We must understanding the word of God to know God.

The other great thing about our church is that Olivia's Sunday School class takes on the same lessons as the adults - only kidified!  So when we talk about what we learned, we can all relate.  We are going to make a commitment to read our Bible more - we definitely can improve in that area!

"We are as Christ-Centered as we decide to be."  Colossians 2:6-7
"The Word of God was not given for information but for transformation."  Matthew 7:24-27

If you're interested in listening to the lessons, the church's publishes a podcast every week. 

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