Future Stars

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Olivia tried out for Future Stars, a pre-team competition group at Loudoun gymnastics, today. Her Panda Bear coach asked us to bring her for try-outs for the pre-team because she saw 'potential'. Apparently, girls can't legally compete until they are 8 years old, so they have a pre-team called Future Stars that meet twice a week to prepare for the D-team, the first level competitive team. So we took her this evening and she did very well. It was obvious that she was really loving it! She was so excited when she was done. I thought she would have been exhausted because they really 'work' those girls for an hour (and sometimes it goes to 1.5 hours), but she was energized by it. We're happy to report, she's now a part of the Future Stars pre-team! Way to go Olivia, we're proud of you!

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