Fun on the Farm

Sunday, December 14, 2008

After our Christmas Tree was loaded, we spent some time on the farm. They had a lot of activities for kids.

This Noahs' arc was pretty neat. The woman you see standing on it told me her son's name was Noah. Which prompted me to say that if my child was a boy, her name would have been Noah. Which prompted her to say, his name would have been Olivia. Which I surprisingly said, my child's name is Olivia. Then she added, Olivia Rose. Which I shockingly said, "That's her middle name too, Olivia Rose". The similarities ended there as we tested birth dates...which we both said if they were the same (they were one year a part, but summer babies) we would have passed out! Anyway, they had a bunch of little tree houses and forts built around the farm that Olivia loved exploring.

They also had a barn all decorated and inside was a little craft station for the kids. Where Olivia spent at least 30 minutes in....luckily there weren't any other kids so she could take her time crafting the perfect pine cone and ornament!

And of course, what would a Christmas Tree Farm be without roasting marshmallows. Olivia must have ate five and they just had to be warm for her liking. Dan won the marshmallow roasting award...his were the best (which I ate most of his!).

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