Advent Calendar - Day 2

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day Two brought Christmas sun catchers to Olivia. She enjoyed painting them last night. I think we are going to tie them to gifts.
As you can see Olivia is in her gymnastics outfit. We just came home from class and I just have to 'brag' a little about my girl. Her coach wanted to see me and she told me that she thought Olivia was very talented and wanted to move her up to a more advanced class. That surprised me because she always seems to be 'messing' around in gymnastics when I watch her...but I think this time she had some one-on-one time with the coach because the class was so small tonight...that she actually paid attention and showed them what she can do. That's my girl..hehehehe

Olivia found Eric, the Elf, in a new space last night. She's very excited about this little guy and has determined that he doesn't fly (because he doesn't have wings) or run (because he doesn't have feet) to the North Pole every night, but rather he just thinks about it and magically he appears in front of Santa every night.

We ended the evening watching the classic, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, cartoon. Dan and I both remember watching this as kids.

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