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Friday, November 21, 2008

This morning, Olivia and I had a battle about socks...yes socks, people. This child has the most sensitive feet on earth and any slight mis-alignment of a sock seam sends her straight to the loony bin and sends mommy to crazy and fed-up parent land! So after the third attempt to find the right sock this morning, I lost it and said, "I don't care what this sock feels like you are wearing it missy!!!!" So she stamps her foot, puts her hands on her hips and declares to the whole world, "I DON"T WANT A MOMMY ANYMORE!" That made me laugh, which made her even more mad. All the while, Dan lies peacefully in bed snickering as his wife and child have it out in the other room! Happy Friday!
On a happier note, so excited to see Twlight tonight with the girls!

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