Pink Eye

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Olivia had pink eye on Friday and missed her Kindergarten class pictures, which I am so bummed about, but I certainly could not have taken her in with all her pink eye glory. So we stayed home....some highlights of the day.
I got this idea on one of the kid's blog links over there on the right, don't remember which one. But she is creating a scrap collage of the alphabet. We cut out the grocery flyer and she pasted it on the correct letter page that the picture's word started with. Then she played baby for a very long time. I think she actually enjoyed just staying at home for once so she could play with her toys...without having to rush out the door for one thing or another.

We also finally had time to set up this computer program, didn't have much time to play it before I took her to the doctor's, but she loved it so far. Very well put together and some great learning programs.

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