Crafty Weekend

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tammy and I spent the whole weekend crafting up a storm. We ventured into the area of collage painting inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts.

I bought her book awhile ago, so that helped us figure out what to do. I think they turned out really cute. Tammy did the two blond haired ones, and I did the brown haired one for Olivia. I have to confess, that the face is not my handiwork - I didn't even attempt to paint that, I would have ruined if for sure. Tammy received all the artistic genes in this family!

I also scrapbooked a bit and made these cute little Halloween 'puppets' from a Jenni Bowlin kit I had.

A special thanks to Dan who entertained Olivia all weekend....although the poor thing ended up sick today with a 102 fever and an upset tummy. I guess she had too much fun yesterday with Daddy. Poor thing had to miss two Halloween parties that were going on today. I hope she feels better tomorrow!

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