When it's raining outside...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

stay inside...well not necessarily inside our house; we ventured into the storm and drove down to the Natural History Museum in DC to see the Butterfly Exhibit that we saw on Jen's blog a week ago.

Olivia wanted a butterfly to land on her in the worst way...so she came up with this ingenious way to attract them. Unfortunately, no butterflies thought it safe enough to land on a 5 year old; however, both Dan and I had a few hitchhikers that day.

After the Butterfly exhibit we walked over to the Riley Center to catch the Jim Henson's (The Muppets) exhibit. Unfortunately, they allowed no photography so I couldn't take any pictures. It was small collection of his Muppets and life as a 'muppeter'. Very interesting. They had a great little children's activity area where they could design puppet faces and put on a puppet show. Olivia loves Kermit the Frog and Beaker...she has them both in her 'collection' along with most of the other Muppets. Dan is a big fan of the Muppets as well, for his birthday one year I bought him the collection of the Muppet Show DVDs.

Too bad it rained all day; the National Mall is such a pretty place to take pictures. We'll need to come back here when the sun is shining because I took mental notes of many places to practice my photography :-).

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