Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday when I picked Olivia up from school, I noticed she had a yellow card next to her name. Well, yellow cards are 'warnings' for inappropriate behavior. So I asked her what she did to get a yellow card. Apparently, she kept getting confused as to what light switch turned on the bathroom light. The one right outside the bathroom door is the switch that turns off the classroom lights and the one inside the bathroom is the one that turns the bathroom light on. So I guess Olivia kept turning off the classroom lights when she thought she was turning on the bathroom light. I can just see Ms.Lourdes getting frustrated with Olivia after the 4th time of doing this and probably thinking she was being the class clown or something. Hopefully, she'll remember today the right light to turn on today so the yellow card doesn't turn into a red one.

And....I think I'll verify the story with Ms.Lourdes, because it does seem a bit 'harsh' to get a yellow card for a mistake like that, so I'm thinking there might be more to the story here then my sweet little 'angel' is telling me.

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