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Sunday, September 21, 2008

We ended up going back to the Bluemont Festival today because we really didn't get to spend anytime there yesterday since our schedule was so busy on Saturday. So today, we had a very nice and relaxing Sunday...with of course, lots of photo opportunities. There was a Children's activity area and Olivia migrated right to the dress-up area. She tried on quite a few different outfits...very fun.

There were a few craft booths there and I bought a lovely little necklace from Holly Lane Designs, she's on Etsy too. I bought a necklace similar to this. She's actually designs her jewelry based on Christian themes. She said the bird designs are based off off of Matthew 6:26 in the New Testament of the Bible. It reads:"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" She calls them her 'no worries' birds because it reminds us all that God has us all in his hands. I like that a lot!


We also found a lady who made cute American Girl doll clothes, so Olivia bought a few outfits for her American Girl Bitty Babies.

We also stocked up on some hair bows. I know I could totally make these for myself, but for the price, I determined it's easier to just buy them.. http://www.creativesidebows.com/

Dan loves the concept of 'natural remedies, so he loved this booth, Nature's Common Scents. http://www.naturescommonscents.com/ We bought the "Big Jim's Therapy Cream", and I actually just put it on my bee sting that has been itching all day....working so far, feels much better. I also just put it on my massive blister - let's see if it works miracles on that!

After the fair, we went back to Bluemont Country Farms, we have a membership there so we get in free anytime we want to go. Of course, there was some more jumping on the giant pillow...love this picture because I accidentally captured a butterfly flying through the air - see it to the right of Olivia?

I 'forced' Dan and Olivia to go back through the farms so I can 'recreate' the tomato and edamane picking scene from yesterday, since I didn't have my camera, LOL. They were good sports about it.

This is one of the roads I ran on during the 10k on Saturday. Isn't it lovely, too bad this was right at the 6 mile mark and I couldn't enjoy the scenery....I just wanted to FINISH!!!

And as usual in the Green family, a great day always ends at Dairy Queen.

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