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Sunday, September 14, 2008

This time, we received three homework assignments. One was a worksheet on counting, second was we had to find something red, yellow or green (Fall colors) to bring for show-n-tell, and the third was to take a nature walk and write about it.

For the nature walk, we went to the trail behind our house and to the stream. A little walk in the stream was a perfect ending to a hot and humid day. Olivia found an old magnifying glass. Afterwards, we came home and she had to draw a picture and answer a few questions about her walk. Olivia and I both are still excited about homework assignments...I wonder when that will get old, LOL!

Edited - I just realized that I wrote "We", as if Olivia's homework is mine too. Well, I suppose it is...until she can read and spell on her own, these little homework assignments will involve both Mommy and Daddy. I don't mind at all, thought, they're fun....yes, can you tell I was a nerd in school! I lOVED school.

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