Bluemont Fair 10k

Saturday, September 20, 2008

As much as I hate going to bed early on a Saturday night and waisting precious evening hours to 'play' in my craft room, I am soooo tired. I woke up at 5:30am this morning to run a 10k at Bluemont Country Farms as part of their town festival. I went all by myself, none of my running buddies could go that morning, so I got myself out of bed and drove out to participate in the race. It was a lovely run on back country roads, running on dirt roads most of the way...past cows, farm land, just beautiful countryside. The only difficult part was that I got stung by a bee, of all things, right before the race started - right under my arm. Gives me chills just thinking about it because Man - did that HURT. Luckily there was a lady in the bathroom who worked in the farm store and gave me some mustard to take the sting away. Well that little 'ole wives tail worked....remember that the next time. Also, I have a huge blister on my foot - no kidding, the size of Titanic. I just now figured out why I probably got one....I was walking through the grass in the morning before the start of the race and my shoes got I think my socks were wet which made them rub against my foot more than usual. Anyway, I was just proud of myself for doing it and my time was 1.07 minutes. Try as I might, I still can't do a 10k under an hour....I'll get there, someday.
Afterwards, Dan and Olivia joined me at the farm and we picked some small tomatoes and edamane. Also, played around on all the fun activities to do on the farm. Dan didn't bring my camera and I was just beside myself because...oh I could just see the lovely pictures of Olivia in the walking between the tomato vines. I'm definitely going back and recreating that photo opt!
Then I had to race home to get cleaned up to attend Teon's open house at his martial arts studio. He's been there for one year, so we had to make a showing. After that it was off to celebrate Andrew's 5th birthday party.
Long yep, that's okay if I got to bed at 8pm....Olivia's already cashed out on the couch anyway!
Nighty Night!

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