My Second 5K....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This morning, Amy and I ran the Purceville 5k Turkey Trot. This was my second 5k in the last month and I'm so proud of myself for doing this! It was easier running this time then the first and I improved my time by about 20 seconds...yes, I know not a lot...but every little second counts when running! So we ran it in about 34 minutes and 41 seconds. It was a nice day, a little chilly...but not that bad at all!

After the race, my sister and I went to the Northern Virginia Christmas Market at the Dulles Expot. Bought a few items, but for the most part it was too many country crafts...which we both aren't into anymore. After the show, we lost her car...and had to walk around for 20 minutes until we found it, LOL!
Quote of the day:
"What we see in others, ourselfs, and in life depends mainly on what we look look for the good in everyone, the best in yourself, and the joy in life."

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