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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Found this cool tool called, Kaboodle, It allows you to keep an on-line list with pictures of things you may see while browsing on the Internet. Once you sign up, its free, it adds a little key to your Internet browser menu called "add to Kaboodle". So whenever you see something neat on a webset you can automatically add it to your Kaboodle. You can create different lists to keep your 'finds' organized. For example, one of my lists is called, "Scrapbooking Layouts" (are you surprised, LOL). So whenever I'm browsing my favorite blogs and I see a layout that's cute and I may want to scraplift, I just click on the picture in their blog, and click on the "Add to Kaboodle" on my Internet menu...and's added to my list. I have other lists, like "books to read", "home decorating ideas", "Gift ideas". It's really I just had to share!

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