Penn State Arts Festival

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On Sunday, we drove up to the Penn State Arts Festival. It was great to visit our Alma mater. It brought back many great memories for Dan and I...and to see Olivia walk down the same college avenue where her Mommy and Daddy went to college was cool. Not a great picture, but unfortunatly brought my camera all the way down there and this is the only picture I took...ugh!

The arts festival was great. We saw so many cool things. My favorites were:

This is actually my nephew's wife, Heaven McCaulley. She is so talented and I have a few of her fun vintage bags. I bought the ponytail Boho bag at the fair. My sister, Teresa purchased IceCream Boho bag. They are so cute and just plain fun to wear.
I bought a beautiful little glass vase to hang on the wall from Thomas Glass (no website). I think I actually may hang it by our phone because my sister, Trudi, suggested it would be perfect to store pens in.
I saw the most beautiful paper cutting pieces ever. They were so elaborate and detailed..someday I'll purchase one of these.
I really love collage and mixed-media art. This was one of my favorites at the fair. Perhaps I'll try to make one of those shadow boxes one day.

I really liked this booth, full of very cool 'graffiti art'.

I bought the prettiest little knit hat and scarf for winter. Trudi has one that I coveted all last winter. I am so happy to finally have one of my own.

Finally, my most prized purchase is this little guy. This was one of the very first things I saw and kept thinking about him all day. Finally went back at the end of the day and got him. I'm not sure why I like him so much, he just makes me smile....especially that little feather on top of his head. The artist name is Jim Mullan. They had really cool jewerly too.

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